Building A Customer Network For Exports

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Building A Customer Network For Exports

Sometimes you just have to wait for your customers to come to you. If that sounds counter-intuitive, then read ahead and find out how we built the order book for customers from new markets, without moving far from the head office.
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A large Dubai based company that sourced food staples and packed them for sale across strategic markets in the Middle East was looking at expanding their retail presence across Africa and Europe. This meant engaging with buyers and purchase managers of multiple retail chains and negotiating terms with them. The business teams had travelled across multiple markets but had met with limited success given the high competition the slow process of such engagements. The company wanted to rapidly scale up so that they could build greater efficiencies in sourcing, packing and in utilising the supply chain.

As the marketing partner we understood the specific target markets and the retails chains that the company wished to partner and plotted the same against the expected size of business over a five-year time frame. In order to meet multiple stakeholders across over 60 target companies, we localised on the best networking opportunity available in the UAE - Gulfood. We met and negotiated a good space in the 2019 edition of Gulfood and initiated the process of identifying a design and fabrication partner, and thereafter working on a design that brought alive the corporate and product brand identity and allowed a meaningful dialogue with visitors. In the interim we worked on a series of special 'teaser' creatives that would be sent to the database of prospective customers - both decision makers and key influencers. This was also supplanted with a focus on content dissemination on LinkedIn - a mixture of both static and video content that presented the company's expertise across the sourcing, packing, warehousing & logistics, and most importantly retail management in the UAE and other strategic markets. We also sourced video testimonials of our partners and large retail customers in the Middle East region, all of which was seeded and pushed through paid media. Closer to the date of Gulfood, we called the managers and invited them for pre-fixed meetings at the company stand and planned a series of 1:few engagements each evening to discuss the finer details and move closer towards a finalisation of contracts


We met with a high degree of success thanks to the quality of the content led engagement. Over a period of 2-4 months after Gulfood, we were told that the five-year value of expected business was over 20X of the total spends at Gulfood.

Project Details

  • Mid-Sized Regional Business
  • Marketing Services
  • Vikram Sivaramakrishnan
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