Delivering Energy To The Sales Force

Case Study

Delivering Energy To The Sales Force

Competition is healthy. Especially when among sales teams – Everyone wants to do better than their peers.

Problem Definition Solution Description Results
Sales teams are incentivised by two things - the variable payment for exceeding targets and the fact that they have achieved more than their peers. There is intense competition that is renewed each month, like in a recurring zero-sum game. The sales team would know their position in the weekly email sent out by the Head of Sales, which was an issue especially in the last week.
We set up a simple leader-board that was available on the company intranet on login so that the information was restricted to just the Sales Team and was not available to all employees. The back-end to the leader-board was available to the Sales Coordinator who entered the sales achievement data which was converted to the leader-board through the code.
The Sales Team was happy to see the sales achievements reflected almost immediately on reporting so that they knew their individual and team stats on a minute-by-minute basis and could push to close the gap between target and achievement.

Project Details

  • SME / Family Owned Group / Govt. Semi Govt. / Banking & Fin. Serv. / Mid Sized Regional Biz / MNC
  • Marketing Services
  • Vikram Sivaramakrishnan
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