Evolving A Corporate Purpose

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Evolving A Corporate Purpose

Our client is an agri-commodity enterprise that had grown based on several sound investments in farming and retail distribution. To give structure to further growth and generate the right content, they required a framework or a purpose to live by.
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This Agrifoods & Resources major had grown rapidly since inception in 1999, especially after 2014. The growth was fuelled by the strategic global supply-chain network that supported product flows between source and customer points across the categories that the company traded in. The company had expanded into new categories with the addition of fresh produce, flour, cashews, and oilseeds apart from the upstream consolidation into farming over 100,000Ha of owned land. The Company had also entered the consumer space by acquiring a distribution company in the UAE and expanding retail presence in key African markets. Over five years the company had grown from an agrifoods & resources trading company into a multinational with operations across 29 countries covering farming to retail. The company needed an overarching statement that could align the full spectrum of business activities and provide a framework for storytelling to key stakeholder groups - customers, suppliers, vendors, financiers, policy makers and employees. As the marketing agency partner, we were to build a brand purpose and develop a logo and brand identity for the same so that it may be used effectively across the operations and communication from the Company.

As a first step, we interviewed the senior management including business and function heads as also long-serving members who were placed at key sourcing markets to gain an insider’s perspective into the company and their plans. We then conducted a desktop search to understand the competitive landscape by looking at other agrifoods companies as also multinationals that were invested in sustainability, farming, or similar planet friendly initiatives. We also understood the ethos behind the company's logo and the values that the company espoused. Given the inputs, we crafted a manifesto for the company that helped clarify the overall intent that was to be portrayed. We worked closely with the senior management in iterating on the same till a consensus was reached. This manifesto was used as the frame for the development of the Corporate Brand Purpose. We looked at 4-5 expressions for the Corporate Brand Purpose that were tested through the internal audience and measured against the manifesto. The shortlist of 2 was further filtered through design expressions to arrive at the final chosen articulation - 'The 1% Change'. We worked closely with the internal teams to embed the Corporate Brand Purpose across collateral, the website, packaging, stationary, uniforms and assisted the legal team in registering the same across relevant markets.
The Corporate Brand Purpose allowed business and operational teams to craft their initiatives in a manner that adhered to the credo of being beneficial to people and the planet, while delivering revenue and profits. The frame was also central to the storytelling on media vehicles like LinkedIn and the website as also on 1:1, 1: few or 1: many engagements with internal and external stakeholders. The logo and the brand identity allowed the purpose to be integrated into all relevant communication and branding collateral aimed at internal and external stakeholders.

Project Details

  • MNC; Regional Businesses; Family Owned Groups
  • Strategy Formulation, Marketing Services
  • Vikram Sivaramakrishnan
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