Climbing the content mountain

Climbing the content mountain

Look around and you’ll see that everyone is focused on ‘creating’ content. Even those who pride themselves on being ‘passive’ consumers of content who seem to be lurking on social media and WhatsApp groups with little to say except to ‘like’ and sometimes ‘share’.

As business owners, brand custodians and professionals, the need for cogent content is even higher. It helps you to stay relevant in a densely packed universe of people with similar expertise, experience, and things to sell. Content helps you place your POV so that people who look at you for answers know the direction you are thinking along and (hopefully) start asking you the right questions. 

To be fair, the feeling is that this is a tough mountain to climb. There are no training wheels, no one who will impart personalised knowledge – at least none that sounds like something you already don’t know and could have expressed using somewhat similar verbiage. Then there is the huge pressure of sounding super intelligent and sharing a POV that has not yet been said – everyone is thinking that they need to discover a new continent.

Let us tray and tackle at least that fear. Please release yourself from that specific stress. The chances of you having something liminal to say are of the once-in-a-lifetime order.  Instead you could look at expressing the known through the filter of your own understanding, or, even better, through your unique storytelling style. Case in point being a blog by a friend wherein he compared the legion of Tik-Tokkers in India to Karna from the Mahabharata – people who had being given a platform to showcase their creativity and make a name for themselves – just the way Duryodhana (aka TikTok) made him equal to other royalty. 

The starting point may be a book you have read or a show that you are seeing, or even an interesting conversation with a colleague, friend, vendor or customer…you may refer to jokes, memes, gossip, parables, fables, news headlines or someone else’s op-ed piece…The important thing is to start and start today, in fact right now. Also, please make sure you do this every single day on the platform(s) that help(s) you reach the people relevant to you so that you may ‘engage them in conversation’ by seeking more than their passive likes, instead draw them to reply and share their stories and points of view.

See, it’s easy when you know how.